A game developed in 72 hours for Granada Gaming’s Game Jam. Awarded Best Game of the Jam.

The game jam theme was “ghosts”. We made an attempt to set ourselves appart by developing an alternate interpretation. Thus, we came up with the concept for “Aceptar”: a game in which mechanics convey the different stages of grief through procedural rhetoric. For example, in the Denial room, the player had to stop denying that it still had a physical body and go through the walls; everything in the anger room shattered at the touch of the player, and the only way to go to the next room is by staying still for a few seconds, thus renouncing to anger.

Depression room
Anger room
Denial room

Breaded Brothers

Noir visual novel developed in 48 hours for a game jam with the theme “croquettes”.
Breaded Brothers was developed in 48 hours for a Game Jam hosted by Granada Jam. The theme was “croquettes”, so we came up with a noir visual novel set in a world of fried food. I was the main designer for this game, wrote the entire script, drew the concept art for most of the characters and settings and helped with 2D art for props and character expression sheets. I also put together bios for every characters to provide back story. You can play the game for free on; an English translation is not yet available, but it’s coming up. Here are my contributions to the project:

Concept art
Character sprite sheets with different facial expressions


Character bios